Mehandi Designer

Professional Mehandi Artist in Pune

Based in Pune Maharashtra, Rumana has extensive knowledge and understanding within Art and therefore understands the importance of Design.

Shiva Mehandi has made a pronounced mark in the Mehandi Industry over the last 7 years by providing a professional service. Mehwish Mehandi ensures her clients are fully satisfied by taking into consideration the full look. Not only has she got the experience but passion and knowledge when it comes to mehndi. Only the very best henna powders from around the world are specially sourced for their superb staining qualities to give her brides a long lasting rich stain.

Shiva Mehandi works freehand to create beautiful, exotic temporary designs which lasts approximately 3 weeks. Mehwish Mehandi is highly Inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding her, she ensures she is up to date with the latest trends and styles so that her clients have a wide collection to choose from ranging from contemporary to traditional designs.

Mehandi is a beautiful art form and can be transpired through many different designs, an art form for many different cultures. With the intricate flow of tribal Indian Henna, to the bold floral effervescent Arabian designs, it has been passed down from centuries to the modern depictions today.

Different cultures have different perspectives; the ancient Egyptians used it for mummification purposes, whereas in the Indian culture it stems from the Hindu Goddess Asha (Goddess of Dawn), who wore it for beauty.